Friday, May 15, 2009

Procrastination...Thy Name is Crystal!

I don't know what it is in my genetic make-up that makes me put things off until the absolute last minute. Even things that I enjoy doing! I've always been a night-before kind of gal...drove my mom nuts.

I spent several hours yesterday doing almost all my schoolwork from the last six weeks. One of the true joys of online classes is that as long as the stuff is turned in before the class ends, you're good. Yesterday I took four quizzes, did three packs of busy work, answered about twenty discussion questions, discussed three topics with classmates, and finished my last case study.

Now all I have left is three papers, an individual dietary analysis, and two final exams. I probably should have done some of that today, but I wanted to finish two books I've been reading. I still have until midnight tomorrow until they are due!

It irritates the hell out of my hubby, but I just seem to work better under pressure. If I had started these papers four or five weeks ago, I would still be working on them today. And they would have changed several times and the final draft would be horrible. If I wait until tomorrow to do them (all at once), I can sit down and bang out A-B papers. I don't understand how it works, but this method got me from elementary through high school and it's still going strong.

Why try to fix what's not broken?

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